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About Swarovski Mouse

They send some people screaming from the room or leaping up onto kitchen stools, but you love the pink-nosed, fuzzy little creatures. Celebrate your love for all things Mus musculus with a finely crafted, collectible Swarovski mouse. Since 1895, Swarovski's talented artisans have been at the forefront of dazzling crystal figurines, jewelry, and home decor, and the wee mouse has not been left out of their impressive collection of crystal artistry. Light up your home with a diminutive "In a Summer Meadow" Swarovski field mouse for your nightstand or desk, a "King Mouse" for your library shelf, or a vintage "Small Mouse" with a coiled metal tail. If you prefer your mice a bit more anthropomorphized, then bring home a Swarovski Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse figurine. How about Mickey as "Steamboat Willie," a stunning Minnie figurine in her crystal blue dress and pink bow, or "Sorcerer Mickey Mouse" in vivid hues of blue, red, and smoky topaz? Explore the wide selection and variations on the Swarovski mouse available from reliable sellers on eBay. It is time to let the mouse in the house.

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