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About Swarovski Jewelry

The brilliant stones and elegant looks of Swarovski jewelry have you shimmering like the night sky, so you have no trouble selecting pieces to wear for a night on the town. Swarovski adds sparkle and style to a wide variety of outfits for men and women. Founded in 1865, the company produces some of the most dazzling and well-known Austrian crystals that add flash to any ensemble and fit all types of jewelry. These particular stones are a type of leaded glass that are almost as reflective as diamonds, but they come in clear, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and even rainbow-colored, known as "aurora borealis," hues. Because the lead in the crystals is encased in the jewelry, it is not harmful. Elegant matching necklace and earring sets are perfect for special occasions like weddings and fancy cocktail parties. Cocktail rings, watches, cuff links, and bracelets are available as well in sizes to fit your fingers and wrists. You can also buy a delicate pendant, a uniquely vintage brooch, or a charm for your keepsake bracelet, all bedazzled in the stones. Some jewelry is made by Swarovski itself, and other pieces are made by independent jewelers using loose crystals. Browse the huge selection available from the reliable sellers on eBay to create your own constellation of beautiful Swarovski jewelry.