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About Swarovski Figurines

Swarovski figurines are the crystal sculpture work of K.S. & Co., the company founded by Daniel Swarovski, a Czech glasscutter of the early to mid twentieth century whose art is highly prized and widely admired. Swarovski crystal includes crystal jewelry, home decor, and chandeliers, as well as the famous Swarovski crystal figurines and crystal glass sculptures. The figurines include the line of Swarovski birds and also crystal flowers and vases, bears and other wildlife, cats, butterflies, and Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse. Swarovski birds depict a wide avian variety including hummingbirds, love birds, birds around a bird bath, swans, owls, chickadees, sparrows, swallows, at least one pelican, and blue jays, singly and in groups, all in delicate and finely-cut crystal glass. Other lines of Swarovski figurines are almost as rich in variety. Swarovski cats include the "standing cat," "Sleeping cat on a rocking chair with two mice," and more. Swarovski figurines are available on eBay along with other Swarovski products in many different styles and designs.

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