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About Suzuki TS

The Suzuki TS series motorcycles blend practical, road-ready driving capabilities with the suspension, low weight, and sturdiness of an off-road sport bike, letting you transform your motorcycle into an adventure machine. Popular models like the Suzuki TS250 and the TS185 can easily transition between city streets and dirt trails, letting you blaze through many different types of terrain. The single-cylinder, two-stroke engine offers enough power to tackle dirt and mud, but it is still street-legal. The tires are smooth on paved roads but offer enough traction for light off-road conditions. Overall, any of the Suzuki TS series bikes makes a great choice if you want a single, flexible speedster that you can take on all kinds of different roads. With the right racks and luggage, these motorcycles can even be comfortable on long-distance rides and tours. If you are ready to start your motorcycle adventure, then you can find a variety of different TS models on eBay. You can also locate used and refurbished Suzuki TS engines, tanks, headlights, and other parts to help you maintain its guts and good looks.