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About Suzuki Sidekick

If you are having trouble deciding between a truck, a convertible, or an SUV, the Suzuki Sidekick is a sporty, versatile, economical blend of all three. Suzuki and GM created this car together in a quest to reproduce the success of Japanese automakers from 1988 to 1998. The result was a unique vehicle also known as the Chevrolet Tracker, the GMC Tracker, and the Pontiac Sunrunner in Canada. The 1989 Sidekick was available as a two-door convertible or a hard top with a four-cylinder engine and optional four wheel drive, while the sporty convertible styles were equipped with Suzuki Sidekick soft tops. In 1991, a four door Suzuki Sidekick was introduced, and all models were upgraded with rear antilock brakes. In 1996, Suzuki introduced a new sport version boasting a more powerful engine, dual airbags, two-tone paint, and 16-inch alloy wheels. In 1999, the name of the car was changed in the U.S. to the Suzuki Vitara but mostly kept the same successful design. Suzuki discontinued the Vitara in 2003 and the larger Grand Vitara in 2006. You can browse the wide inventories of reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on Suzuki Sidekicks and any parts or accessories you may need, such as shining Suzuki Sidekick mirrors. If you are stuck in a decision between fashion and function, worry no more. You can have the best of both worlds.