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About Suzuki Marauder

You grin as you lean into the corner, deftly flicking the bike over to your left and taking the turn at speed. The Suzuki Marauder is a series of small cruiser-style motorcycles that have been manufactured by Suzuki for over a decade. Available in both a 125cc and 250cc variety, the bike is popular with younger riders who want to combine the chunky style of a touring motorcycle with the nimble weight and balance of a lightweight bike. If you have been trying to get your knee down a little too often, you can quickly replace a scratched or scraped Suzuki Marauder exhaust with only rudimentary mechanical expertise. If nimbly weaving through traffic has left you with a cracked mirror, you can find new and used Suzuki Marauder mirrors too, and get your bike ready for the road again within minutes. No matter for what you are looking, from a new or used Suzuki Marauder bike to a range of parts, spares, and accessories, the sellers on eBay have everything you need.