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About Suzuki LT80

A quick ride on a Suzuki LT80 proves that four wheels are much more thrilling than two. The all-terrain vehicle is a sophisticated machine that is easy to operate. Suzuki is one of the pioneers in the ATV market, with its first model released in 1982. The LT80, produced from 1987 to 2006, is the manufacturer's first ATV with a single-speed transmission, which changes seamlessly through numerous gear ratios. With a powerful two-stroke Suzuki LT80 engine, the 50 cc vehicle starts with the pull of a cord, while the 80 cc version has a push-button electric starter. These Suzuki LT80s have footboards instead of foot pegs, which makes them safer for younger riders because they are less likely to get their feet trapped if they take a little spill. If you need more assurance before you wave your kid off on a ride, the throttle is adjustable and the bike has a safety lanyard kill switch, which is great for novices. For twice the fun you get on a two-wheeled bike, you and your kid can share some quality time riding a four-wheeled ATV. When it is time for some repair work, pick up some replacement parts, such as a Suzuki LT80 carb, among the vast inventory on eBay.

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