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About Suzuki LT50

Suzuki only made the LT50 until 1987, although they have released 50 cc ATVs since then under slightly different names. However, the Suzuki LT50 has entertained children on trails and sand up and down the country since the 1980s. Given this fact and how easy the engines are to maintain, the little Suzuki LT50 is probably going to be driving strong for many years to come. Of course you need to look after it, but there is a vast inventory of parts available on eBay to help you do that. This includes cleaning out the air filter and making sure it has oil. You can also oil the chain from time to time and make sure the bolts are tight, but there is not much else to it. The external parts are easily replaced too. This includes replacing the Suzuki LT50 fender if it takes a knock, or getting a new Suzuki LT50 seat to replace one that is worn because of thousands of hours of use. Give your children an ATV that lasts with the Suzuki LT50.

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