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About Suzuki GSX-R

Although you owned a Ducati, you were pleasantly surprised by the performance of your friend's Suzuki GSX-R. It was a relief to ride a forgiving bike that was still fast and very powerful. If you want the best of the GSX-R range, then you should go for a Suzuki GSX-R1000. The GSX-R1000 was built to race and look good doing so. Its 999 cc, four-stroke, inline four-cylinder, 16-valve, liquid-cooled engine is paired to a six-speed, constant mesh transmission. This combination generates the kind of power that can lure you away from the allure of a Ducati superbike. You can find this flagship bike among the wide selection of new and used Suzuki GSX-R sport bikes offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Remember that a sport bike is as much about looks as it is about speed. Therefore, you should get a stylish fairing kit to make your bike look sportier. For yourself, a Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle jacket will not only protect you as you whiz around tracks at dizzying speeds but also make you look cool doing so.