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About Suzuki GS500

Get ready, get set, get a GS500. When you want to take off on your motorcycle-racing career, the Suzuki GS500 helps you launch. This motorcycle is a popular entry-level model and comes from Suzuki Motor Corporation. As with many racing bikes, the Suzuki GS500 comes in several trims, offering riders choices among accessories and creature comforts. All bikes in this class have a powerful four-stroke engine, containing two valves per cylinder and with a simple layout that makes maintenance and repairs a breeze. Base models have a 480cc engine, while higher trims, such as the GS500E and G500F, have engines with more horsepower and torque. Bikes in this family have long narrow frames, letting riders ride low in a horizontal position. Elegant chrome-coated plastic consoles and up-sweeping exhausts give these bikes a classic race-ready look. Wide mirrors extending from the handlebars let riders see who is creeping up from behind, and a six-speed transmission facilitates a fast getaway. As with other motorcycles, these bikes need some TLC to remain in top racing shape. Fortunately, the large inventory on eBay lets you search for parts and accessories, like Suzuki GS500 pistons, to keep your steed happy. You can look for decorative items too, like Suzuki GS500 decals, to get into the racing spirit.