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About Suzuki Eiger 400

When it comes to rugged adventure, few mechanized choices have the appeal of the Suzuki Eiger 400. This ATV has a long history of durability and power, one that continues with new models today. The engine is a 376cc, with a single overhead cam and single cylinder. However, that is all that the vehicle needs to deliver steady power without coming near to full capacity. The Suzuki Eiger 400 seat is comfortable, with ample padding to provide support throughout the body, even on the toughest of rides. The gas tank holds four gallons, more than enough to support hours of runs. The drivetrain comes in both two- and four-wheel drive options. The Eiger's transmission options include a five-speed manual with automatic clutch, or a continuously variable transmission. This translates to steady power for climbing and efficiency for downhill, without a sacrifice in speed. You can find Suzuki Eiger 400 carburetors, lights, and working vehicles on sale as part of the vast inventory from adventure lovers on eBay. The Suzuki Eiger 400 continues to bring people a sense of excitement that the road simply cannot provide.