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About Suzuki Carburetors

The thrill of turning a throttle and listening to a Suzuki engine come to life would not be the same without a Suzuki carburetor carefully blending the right fuel and air mixture before sending it down to the intake valve. Older Suzuki ATVs and motorbikes use them, but newer engines have moved on to fuel injection systems. A carburetor that works perfectly results in a responsive engine and a smooth ride. Regular maintenance helps keep it in top condition for years, but there eventually comes a time when its performance drops. A repair kit can get it back into working condition again, but a replacement is an option worth considering. Carburetors for different Suzuki options are available from reliable sellers on eBay. Most OEM varieties, such as the Samurai carburetor, are used but invaluable when carrying out a factory restoration. However, it is possible to fit newer unused third-party Suzuki carburetors to your vehicle as well and get your classic ride back on the road.