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About Susan Graver

One of the popular designers associated with QVC is Susan Graver. She designs bedding, jewelry, and even a clothing line. Graver's designs often use a fabric called Liquid Knit, which is an easy to care for polyester and spandex blend. It resists wrinkling, so it not only feels great, but it also looks great. It is a great choice if you are packing for a weekend away for fun or business. Her line has many beautiful, classic dresses. Whether you prefer bold solids or brilliant floral prints, you can find something that fits your style and that fits any occasion. Once you find the perfect outfit, you might be able to find coordinating jewelry from the Susan Graver line to complete the look. There are many reliable sellers on eBay from whom you can purchase a wide variety of outfits. You can get some great mix and match pieces, tops, skirts or slacks, to give you more variety every day.