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About Supreme Kate Moss T-Shirts

They are not a singing group, a car model, or a college kid's favorite kind of pizza. For those urban wear aficionados and gangsta fashionistas in the know, Supreme is an edgy clothing brand known for its pop culture clothing, including popular styles like its Supreme Kate Moss T-shirts. The brand features contentious pop culture sayings and celebrities on their clothing and hats, often with tongue-in-cheek styling or irreverent or ironic placement. The company's Supreme Kate Moss T-shirts carry a screen-printed photo of the supermodel dressed in a simple white Supreme T-shirt, wearing a leopard print overcoat and smoking a cigarette. Their Supreme Biggie tee, an homage to slain rapper The Notorious B.I.G., is again a screen print photo, this time showing a tiny baby with a giant Afro. Other celebrities receiving the Supreme treatment include Mike Tyson and rapper Raekwon. The Supreme Raekwon tee highlights Raekwon with fellow rapper Ghostface Killah and a Tickle Me Elmo doll. Find a vast selection of Supreme shirts in a variety of sizes on eBay for the urban fashion lover.