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About Supreme Hoodies

As an artist you understand a hoodie is not just another piece of clothing, it is a canvas to express yourself. Supreme hoodies offer you a chance to fully embrace the scene you love. Set the trend around your people and express who you are. Supreme opened their doors for the first time in 1994. The store was situated in the midst of New York's urban scene; filled with skate boarders, hustlers, and street artists. Supreme box logo hoodies keep their design clean and simple. These hoodies are Supreme's most common sweaters available. There are several colors options to choose from as well as camouflage, floral, and urban-wear designs. Supreme CDG hoodies are a by-product of Comme Des Garcons designing genius. These hoodies feature Japanese cultural influences mashed together with Supreme's simplicity. There are windbreaker renditions, patterns, and two-tone CDG hoodies available. New and used Supreme hoodies are available to be purchased from sellers on eBay. Gear up and impress your friends. Bring the New York artist scene to your neighborhood and rock your Supreme hoodie.