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About Supreme Backpacks

Each generation has a different idea of counter culture. In the 1990s, it was all about the skater scene, and the Supreme backpack became an icon of that youthful movement. Today, Supreme continues to define urban counter culture through its involvement in art, design, music, and photography. Supreme backpacks remain an emblem of the label, popular among both high schoolers and fast-moving city workers who appreciate its simple style and strong connotation with the New York skater and artist lifestyle. The most popular rendering of the bag is the camo Supreme backpack. Other renderings include The North Face Supreme backpack, which combines the simple zip closure and basic style of the original with the tough outdoor durability of the premier outdoor brand. Finding Supreme backpacks is easy on eBay with the abundant inventory of colors and styles. The 1990s skater movement may have began as a fringe element, but with the establishment of companies like Supreme and the introduction of timeless accessories like its signature backpack, the influence and authenticity of that movement stands strong more than 20 years later on the backs of youth everywhere.

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