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About Supermoto

If racing on one track is not enough, try a sport that tests your skills on multiple terrains. Supermoto, or supermotard, is a racing category that involves three types of courses: road, motocross, and flat tracks. Supermotard bikes require better controls and higher strength than dual-sport or enduro motorcycles. They are more sinewy than dirt bikes and more maneuverable than sport bikes. The 690 SMC R, a KTM supermoto bike demonstrates the impressive core requirements for motorcycles in this category. It has a chrome molybdenum steel frame that is both light and sturdy. Its single-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled spark-ignition engine, six-speed claw-shifted transmission, and high-performance brakes and shock absorbers make it ideal for all terrains. While the KTM is a purpose-built supermotard bike, the YZF450 is a dirt bike converted to run with the supermotards. This Yamaha supermoto bike has the right weight distribution, engine, suspension, and transmission to compete in the supermotard class. Whether you want a true supermoto bike or one converted from a proven champion, you can find the it among the wide selection of supermotard motorcycles and accessories on eBay.