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About Superman Socks

Clark Kent steps into a phone booth wearing his suit and glasses, emerging as the famed and powerful Superman in his well-known red and blue suit and cape. You can feel a touch of this excitement every day by wearing Superman socks hidden under your civilian clothes. Within the large inventory on eBay, there are a few different sock varieties in which your feet can show their support for the man of steel. This includes women's and men's Superman socks that are shaped like normal socks, but are blue and red and display the Superman logo – the big red "S". There are additional variations on this type of sock that have different color schemes, while keeping the recognizable Superman logo. You can be even more adventurous, however, by choosing caped knee-high Superman socks. These socks are similar to the others, but have a small red cape that flows out from behind your shins. Just like your favorite hero, you can conceal these Superman socks beneath your work clothes and reveal them when it is time to be a hero.