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About Superman DVDs

Streaking across the sky, Superman comes to the aid of Metropolis, saving it from the latest catastrophe to strike his home town. Follow the adventures of the Man of Steel on a Superman DVD. This includes his many battles with Lex Luthor or one of Luthor's many minions, as well as a variety of other super-powered threats, some of the most prominent being Mister Mxyzptlk, General Zod, and a long list of other foes he has faced over the years. You can watch some of the movies and TV series he has appeared in by purchasing a Superman DVD set. Best of all, you can find that Superman DVD you seek, from the movies and TV show, from reliable sellers on eBay. Some examples of favorite movies include the original Superman, starring Christopher Reeves, and the "Man of Steel" movie with the lead role played by Henry Cavill. To learn more about the expanded Superman universe, watch a Superman cartoon DVD.

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