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About Superman Comics

It's a bird—It's a plane! No, it's Superman! Superman comics have run for more than 75 years, enough to find three generations of men of all ages running around in their tighty whities with blankets tied around their necks, wishing they were a little more super. Superman, and his civilian persona, the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, first appeared in 1938, and since then the Man of Steel has been battling Lex Luthor and other villains who threaten the city of Metropolis and the world as a whole. Escape your mundane reality with the complete collect of Superman comics from as far back as the Golden Age, available new or gentle used from reliable sellers on eBay. Fly away to fantasy land with our intrepid hero through all his highs and lows, from his apparent death in 1993 to his much-anticipated (and no longer canonical) 1996 wedding, with contributions from almost all of the Superman artists. Once you've got your hands on your favorite comics, what else there to do but "up, up, and away!" to find a quiet place to read them all?