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About Superman Cards

Superman is more than a comic book hero, and trading cards are more than just for baseball. Superman cards have exists since 1940, and those 1940 Superman cards can be very hard to find, especially the last 24 (out of 72) that were printed in much lower numbers. The 1966 Superman set contains 66 cards, focusing on that year's TV show starring George Reeves, one of the most famous actors ever to portray the Man of Steel. The rarest set is arguably the 1968 Topps "Superman in the Jungle" set that had 66 cards. Superman trading cards can be very collectible, but also very hard to find. To find the collection you want, shop with the reliable sellers on eBay, where the long list of items is sure to include the items you need. There is one important thing to remember, however. Do not place them in the spokes of your bicycle.