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About Superman 1

Even if you aren?t a fan of superheroes, you probably know who Superman is and you can imagine how rare it is to find a Superman 1 comic. He first appeared in the June 1938 edition of Action Comics. Since then, he has become one of the most iconic super heroes the world has ever seen. The Man of Steel has been saving the world from bad guys for decades and we eat it up hungrily. Superman collectors can tell you in Superman?s history in detail and may even have every comic that has ever featured him?they may even have a Superman 1 reprint. Just do not be fooled if you find a reprint on eBay. The comic should be the same size as the original, which is only a tiny bit smaller than a normal sized magazine. To be certain a Superman 1 comic is original, look inside the cover and if the pages have advertisements from the Johnson Smith and company and their address is clearly displayed. Who would have thought that an advertisement would be the way to authenticate an original Superman comic book.