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About Superboy

Look, up in the sky! That’s no sparrow, and it’s definitely not a jumbo jet, it’s Superboy! True classic fans will remember him as the early years of their beloved caped crusader, Superman. But this is a different, younger, more human version of the untouchable hero. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay for some of the earliest Superboy comics, some in mint collectable condition, to find him fight off bullying super-villains with his trusty sidekick, Krypto the super-dog. Share in his super nerves as he tries to flirt with love interest Lana Lang without giving up his super-secret! Prefer your vision of Superman to stay as unbreakable as steel? Maybe the ultimate teenager, a clone of the evil Lex Luthor and Superman himself, Superboy Kon-El is more your speed. You’ll find him hanging out with the rest of the Teen Titans and on the animated Young Justice show, as well as in the Infinite Crisis series and other limited series comics.