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About Super Hero Squads

With their diverse abilities, the Super Hero Squad stands ready to face any foe. All your favorite characters from the show are available in toy form, and you can shop for the full selection of items on eBay. The toys mimic the super-deformed style of the TV show with large character heads and oversized hands and feet. Look for individual characters like Storm, Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, among dozens of others. If you want to complete your collection quickly, shop for a Super Hero Squad lot. A lot includes figures selected by the reliable seller, and it may contain a handful of products or every character from the toy line. If you are a collector, look for new action figures in their original packaging. You can also pick out used items on the site to enjoy the figures at a discounted price. With every character at your disposal, it is easy to assemble your very own Super Hero Squad.

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