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About Sunglass Strap

"Bright lights, big city" takes on new meaning when you cannot find your sunglasses in the glaring, rush hour sun. Solve this irritating problem by attaching your favorite shades to a sunglass strap that hangs securely and comfortably around your neck. The concept is simple, yet a little genius. The straps are essentially the same straps that many people use to hang their reading glasses around their necks for easy access. The ends of the straps attach to each of the earpieces, and then the straps go over the head and allow the sunglasses to hang like a necklace. For specific activities, such as swimming or fishing, it is a good idea to look for straps that have special properties. For example, floating straps are available for sunglasses to help you keep up with them in the water. Many of these straps are colorful neoprene, the material used to make wetsuits, which makes them easy to spot on top of the water. Finding the right sunglass strap for your sunglasses is sometimes its own fun adventure, thanks to all the options available on eBay.