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About Sundance Catalog

Founded in 1969 by actor Robert Redford, the Sundance catalog offers many items that are handcrafted in America. They feature distinctive details that get noticed and appreciated not just by the people who own them, but everyone those individuals encounter. Look through the vast inventory on eBay and find a full range of delightful products to enhance your wardrobe. Choose a pair of durable leather boots that have fringe or studs, or select a spacious handbag made of sleek and elegant materials from Italy. Also, take the chill out of fall and winter nights by selecting a sweater to help you snuggle up against the harsh temperatures. Some are sleeveless styles with zippered fronts, making them excellent layering pieces. Alternatively, try a roomy piece with several beautiful colors that blend well together to look cheerful during dreary, gray days. Some pieces are made with thick materials, like lamb's wool, so they work well for wearing under a ski jacket as you glide down the slopes. Whatever your hobbies or lifestyle, the Sundance catalog has appealing and artistic products to consider.