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About Sunbeam Tiger

In the classic 1960s TV series, "Get Smart," bumbling spy Maxwell Smart drives a hot red British sports car as he busts the bad guys. That car is a Sunbeam Tiger, a rare beauty in the sports car world. Just over 7,000 vehicles were produced between 1964 and 1967, which makes this model rarer than some of its competitors. It was based on another popular model, the Sunbeam Alpine, so it is sometimes known as the Sunbeam Alpine Tiger. Its manufacturer, Rootes Group, released two variations of the car, which are known as Series I and Series II. The Series I car features a 260 cu Ford V8 engine, while the Series II vehicle offers a little bit more power and capacity with a 289 cu engine. Both series of the car are easy to modify, making aftermarket adjustments very popular. Although it is hard to find standard factory versions of the Sunbeam Tiger, you can search the vast inventory on eBay for a flexible project vehicle for your garage as well as replacement parts.