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About Sun Shades

As temperatures climb, your backyard is no longer a comfortable place to hang out. A table umbrella does not provide enough cover, but a sun shade might keep your guests from burning up. Uniquely shaped, flexible, and large enough to cover the entire patio, sun shades are ideal for areas without a lot of natural protection from the sun. A sail sun shade provides enough cover to keep the sun off your back, without blocking all of your light. In addition, many shades provide UV protection to help keep harmful rays from your skin. The guests will love that you can move the triangle shade sail to any spot in the yard from the patio to the driveway to the pool. Cool breezes can blow through the fabric on hot days, and even rain passes through to keep potentially damaging water from building up on top of the shade. The right sun shade from the reliable sellers on eBay will make your yard the trendiest place around, rather than a hot spot.