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About Suit Vests

There is nothing better than seeing your man dressed to the nines in a formal suit complete with a suit vest. There is something about that simple addition to his wardrobe that makes women go all mushy inside. Maybe your guy balks at the idea of wearing a vest. If he is into retro clothing, buy him a vintage suit vest that he can wear with a pair of his favorite jeans. That is a great way to slowly introduce him to the idea, especially if you throw in tons of compliments regarding how handsome he looks. For a formal gathering, a tuxedo with a white suit vest makes the perfect complement to your elegant evening gown. Men are notorious for not enjoying the shopping experience, so use eBay to find the perfect suit vest for your man. They have hundreds of reliable sellers offering a variety of styles, so you are sure to find one to fit your needs. Shipped directly to your door, you will have the vest in hand without having to drag him to the mall. The only issue remaining is convincing him to wear it.