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About Suikoden

True role-playing enthusiasts tend to favor Japanese role-playing video games, such as the Suikoden series, because of their top-notch story lines and endless character and scenario combinations. If you love role-playing games, but have never played the Suikoden video games, pick one out and give it a try. There are six games in this series as well as several spin-off games. Suikoden II and III are sequels to the original game, whereas Suikoden IV and V are prequels. Regardless of game you decide to jump into, find a range of products through the reliable sellers on eBay. Assume the role of hero, select a name for your character, and then join forces with five other players to battle other characters in the game. With more than 108 characters, you can always face a new challenge and a fresh battle, so plan your battles well and act strategically so you do not deplete your forces. The possibilities are endless, so get ready to play again and again for a new experience every time.