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About Suburban Wheels

For years, Chevy Suburban wheels were just like the Suburban, itself: big, blocky, and so predictable it seemed almost boring. That very sense of sameness served well to hide something that many owners found far more important: a very practical and reliable vehicle. You can see it with the use of eight-lug wheels, which distribute the load far more efficiently than their five-lug counterparts. This means more room for bigger brakes and better stopping power. A set of Suburban 2500 wheels can look just as good as any other, and still give you the towing and cargo capacity that made you choose a Chevy Suburban. Take a quick look on eBay for new or even lightly used Suburban wheels to keep your Suburban rolling along. Style is always a good thing, but when you need a vehicle, you need it to work more than you may want it to look good. Every vehicle rests on its wheels, the good ones work on their wheels, too.