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About Sublimation Printer

If you want to create great souvenirs without breaking the bank, consider decorative printing. Custom-printed T-shirts and coffee mugs are easy to make with a sublimation printer. Alternatively, use one with a photo booth to produce high-quality photographs. Sometimes called a dye sublimation printer, it works by combining ink and heat, which permanently bonds the ink to any polyester fabric or medium with a polymer coating. With a package that includes the printer plus a heat press, you can transfer images to nearly any article, as the image bonds to any item made from or coated with a non-natural material. Popular choices include T-shirts, mugs, hats, cell phone cases, and DVDs. Select or create the image you want, print it, and then transfer the image to your preferred medium via the heat press. To create crisp, professional quality photographs, use a sublimation ink printer. The ink bonds to the photo paper, rather than lying atop it as with an inkjet printer. You can find a wide assortment of sublimation printers and supplies among the vast inventory on eBay..