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About Subaru Justy

When it comes to road trips, from long expanses of highway to rocky mountain roads, few cars perform like a Subaru. Take the Subaru Justy as an example. The Justy is a well-loved subcompact hatchback, with simple, durable construction and a dependable drivetrain. The Subaru Justy engine comes with a 1- or 1.2-liter package, which provides enough acceleration to get the car moving up to cruising speeds in little time. This car is popular for its high miles-per-gallon rating — with up to 37 on the highway — as well as the wide variety of uses it serves. The Justy comes as either a two- or four-wheel-drive model. This Subaru gets the job done on city streets, with its small size making it ideal for crowded urban areas. You can find plenty of Subaru Justy parts, as well as vehicles, through the vast inventory on eBay. The Subaru Justy has a long history of dependability. If you need a car that reliably gets you where you need to be, this car is a solid choice.