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About Subaru Brat

If you are the kind of person that likes to stand out in all instances, even on the road, you are probably familiar with the Subaru Brat. This unique truck recalls some of the experimental body styles seen in mid-century vehicles such as the El Camino, though the Subaru Brat has its own cult following. Vintage car lovers can now find a Subaru Brat truck to call their own thanks to reliable sellers on eBay who offer used Brats in all states of repair. You can even find parts, such as Subaru Brat wheels, bumpers, and side accents, to ensure you stand out even more. With its unique body shape and retro paint schemes, including classic car colors such as a flat, opaque powder blue or a lightly metallic maroon, you are sure to feel like a rhinestone cowboy when you cruise down the street in a Brat. If you can handle standing out in a retro style coupe pickup truck, you can handle a Brat.