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About Subaru Baja

Quirkiness gets you noticed, be it your unique fashion style, your attitude, or the vehicle you drive. By driving a Subaru Baja, you can celebrate your uniqueness and non-conformity to pre-determined vehicle styles. Visually, the Subaru Baja is a mash up of an open bed truck and a sedan. Like a mullet, it can be serious in the front and party in the open truck bed in the back. Available from 2003 to 2006, this four-door, four-passenger vehicle combines the ride and drive of a passenger car with the versatility and hauling ability of an open bed pickup truck. You can even make your Baja stand apart from others with a Subaru Baja cover. Whether for your seats or the whole car, covers offer a great source of protection and flare. Add a splash of color by using blue Subaru Baja wheel spacers or mint-colored wheels instead of the traditional silver. If you want a vehicle that is unlike anything else on the road, check out the large inventory of Subaru Bajas available from reliable sellers on eBay, and soon you can be driving around in a vehicle just as stylishly unique as you.