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About Stussy

Everybody recognizes the Stussy logo; it has defined cool since designer Shawn Stussy first started scrawling it on handcrafted surfboards in the 1980s and subsequently started using it on clothing he sold out of his car. Since those modest beginnings, the brand has blown up in a big way, and anybody who is anybody is wearing the Stussy label. Looking your best is always important, whether you are hitting the boardwalk, the skate park, or the video arcades, and with a Stussy hoodie and hat, you can be sure you are always going to stand out in a crowd in the best possible way. Reliable sellers on eBay have a massive inventory of Stussy products, and many sellers even offer vintage Stussy products that will be the envy of your friends. Available in new or used condition, and often at deep discounts, Stussy apparel is the hot choice for looking cool when you are chilling with your friends or catching some rays on the beach.