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About Stump Grinder

Anytime someone removes a tree, it gets cut down at the base, but leaves behind an evident reminder that gets in the way almost as much as the tree itself. When you have a stump grinder in your equipment collection, every time you remove a tree, you remove it completely. These grinding powerhouses operate with a high horsepower motor that turns a steel blade or rotor mechanism, which boasts sharp teeth that gnaw away at the leftover wood in the ground. All that is left to do is remove the sawdust once completing the job. One of the top-of-the-line machines in its class, the Vermeer stump grinder has the capability to remove a 12-inch diameter stump in just a matter of minutes. With a gas-powered motor, variable speed settings, and safety kickout switches, this is one of the most desirable grinders for heavy-duty work. It pulls easily behind your truck or other vehicle through the use of a towing hitch, but has a stabilizing arm for use when a vehicle is not connected. For a bit smaller variety, the Carlton stump grinder works the same as the larger model, but only on a smaller scale. The hand-pulled grinder positions manually atop a stump and maneuvers to take the stump out bit by bit. For all your stump grinding needs, you can find what you need by looking through the vast inventory on eBay.