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About Stuffed Animals

If there is one thing that adults learned from Disney's "Toy Story" franchise, it is that there is something special about a child's relationship with his stuffed animals. Many people keep their childhood toys well into adulthood, passing them on to the next generation. Giant stuffed animals make great playfellows for small kids, sometimes standing more than 2 or 3 feet tall. Just imagine your child sitting in a giant panda's lap or in the arms of a huge teddy bear while she reads her picture books. For "The Lion King" or "Cars" fans, Disney stuffed animals let little ones curl up with their favorite Magic Kingdom characters, from Mufasa to Mater. If all those plush toys are threatening to overtake your child's twin bed, then it is time for a stuffed animal net. Hang it in the corner of the room, and pile the plushies inside when playtime is over. On eBay, you can find great deals on modern stuffed animals, such as Webkinz and Pokemon, but shoppers can also locate hard-to-find vintage stuffed animals. For example, collect the original Pound Puppies from the 80s, or locate some of the first teddy bears from the early 1900s.