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About Studio Headphones

While all audiophiles love their music and want it represented faithfully, people who are in music production, DJing, mixing, and other related fields need faithful sound like no one else does. If you are working on making a mash up, dropping beats in the club, or doing professional mixing for up-and-coming bands, you need studio headphones in order to hear a completely faithful representation of the music without any interference or distortion from your audio devices. As an example, if you are mixing a track and you are using headphones that do not adequately render the treble, you may end up mixing with way too much treble resulting in a tinny sound when played on high-quality speakers. This is why professional studio headphones, like Sennheiser studio headphones, are so important. You can find both wired headphones and wireless studio headphones available on eBay from many reliable sellers. Professionals need professional gear; if you are in the industry, grab a solid pair of studio headphones and start mixing your songs.