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About Studebaker Truck

Classic trucks harken back to America's agrarian past, calling forth a nostalgia that is not served by contemporary consumer goods. Among classic trucks, few have the credentials of a Studebaker. Studebaker's history stretches back to wagon manufacturing in the 1860s, and it does not get more classic than that. Studebaker's classic gasoline trucks have been in production since 1911, and since then, a number of popular models have redefined the role of the truck in popular culture and everyday life. The 1946 Studebaker truck, well-loved by collectors, is more than capable of handling heavy loads even with rough road conditions, a testament to the quality and integrity of American craftsmanship throughout the years. Many models, like the 1955 Studebaker truck, are now beautifully decorated with bright paint jobs, many sporting American colors to boot. Studebaker cabs remain unchanged throughout the years, simple and to the point. Studebaker trucks are designed with work in mind, and their durable construction keeps many old models fully functional today. You can find many Studebaker trucks in the vast inventory on eBay.