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About Studebaker Avanti

In the world of cars, the Studebaker Avanti is among the rarest and most mysterious breeds. This car suddenly appeared in 1962, serving as the honorary pace car in the legendary Indianapolis 500, and broke nearly 30 world speed records before its production abruptly ended in 1963. The idea for the Studebaker Avanti came from a design team consisting of race car engineers, auto mechanics, and aeronautical engineers. The team ultimately set forth to create a vehicle with a fiberglass body and aerodynamic layout with a low front end and raised rear. This car comes in a standard two-door version. You can find it in a three- and four-speed manual transmission system, as well as a three-speed automatic. The 1962 version features round headlights and a silver grille, along with a narrow hood and front-mounted engine. The 1963 Studebaker Avanti features chrome wheels, leather steering wheel, and leather seats for ultimate comfort. This version has full front and rear suspension systems, offering a relaxing and comfortable ride. You can look for these American vehicles, along with a variety of Studebaker Avanti parts, through the large inventory on eBay, which offers many choices.