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About Strut Spring Compressors

Traffic suddenly stops and you are forced to slam on your brakes, but you worry that your car will end up on top of the vehicle in front of you. If this unstable braking sounds like a familiar situation to you, you need to replace your struts and shock absorbers, which you can do at home safely using strut spring compressors. New struts help you come to a stop at least 10 feet sooner when you start to brake, but thankfully they are easy to replace on your own. Strut spring compressor tools vary in style, but most models include a threaded piece that comes in various lengths with connectors on either end. These tools compress coils down so that you can safely and easily remove and replace them without injuring yourself when the coils expand during removal. When choosing the right strut spring compressors for the job, you want to take your car's coil height into consideration, as the tools vary in length with 10-inch and 14-inch models most commonly available. Other tools are designed for use with specific struts, such as MacPherson struts, which are common on several vehicle models including Mercedes and BMW. Once you know the size and type of the spring compressor you need to complete the job, you can find exactly what you require from the large selection available from trustworthy sellers on eBay.