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About Structo

Dump trucks and tow trucks and fire trucks, oh my. From 1908 to 1975, the Structo Manufacturing Company produced a line of pressed steel transportation toys and ride-on vehicles that were quite popular for their innovative and constantly changing designs. Build your collection with a Structo truck in any of a wide variety of models, including sanitation trucks, car transport trucks, and dump trucks. How about a wind-up Structo Toyland Garage tow truck, a 1950s Structo hydraulic hook and ladder firetruck, or a 1960s Structo cement mixer truck with a friction drive mixer? If some of your Structo trucks are in need of repair, pick up the Structo parts you need to restore your collectibles. Peruse the huge assortment of Structo loose truck beds and trailers, wheels and hubcaps, or vehicles that are being sold for parts. Whether you are model vehicle collector or a connoisseur of vintage toys, you will find something to add to your collection when you explore the extensive selection of Structo trucks, cranes, jeeps, and more available from the reliable sellers on eBay.