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About Striped Pants

While some fashion items, such as denim jeans, heels, and skirts, are staple pieces of wardrobes worldwide, others take a bit of warming up to. Although most men and women have a favorite pair of jeans, striped pants are a harder sell. These pants have waxed and waned in popularity since their debut in early 20th century America. In the past, they outfitted clowns, comedians, and punks. Today, you can find a new or used pair of striped pants on eBay for yourself, and carry on an American tradition. For revisiting your youth, you can buy a pair of vintage striped pants, designed with black and military green fabrics, reminiscent of the 1980s punk scene. If you want a practical pair for modern use, however, you can purchase a pair of side stripe pants, which feature the same signature vertical stripes as their retro counterparts, but located only along the outer thigh, producing a more sophisticated, conservative design. Simply wear them with a nice white blouse, and you have a perfect office outfit.