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About Stretch Armstrongs

Every generation of children has iconic toys that they grew up with. Children of the 1950s had Lincoln Logs, children of the 1960s had Rock'em Sock'em Robots, and children of the 1970s had Stretch Armstrong. Kenner's stretchy, gel-filled action figure debuted in 1976. No matter what you do to him, he snaps back into place. The Stretch Armstrong figure is water-resistant thanks to its latex rubber coating. Stretch Armstrong resembles a wrestler in that he wears black shorts and nothing else. The original production run of the toy ran until 1980, and vintage Stretch Armstrong action figures are valuable and rare, especially those still in their original packaging. When searching for these vintage action figures among the vast inventory available on eBay, look for boxes that are completely intact; kept in dark, dry places; and kept in a smoke-free environment. The box should be free of stains, markings, or tears and the plastic should be clear. Newer versions of the action figure from the 1990s are not nearly as valuable. Whether you are looking for an investment or just something with which to relive your childhood, a Stretch action figure is waiting for you.