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About Streetfighter Headlight

The world of custom motorcycles does not end with choppers. Street motorcycles can be "hot-rodded" by taking different parts of other bikes, such as a streetfighter headlight, and putting them together to make completely unique machines. Streetfighter headlights are central pieces used in defining the appearance of a custom motorcycle. These headlights remove the fairings from the front of the motorcycle. This allows the front of the bike to retain a more aggressive appearance. A streetfighter dual-headlight has two functioning bulbs. Dual-bulbs allow more visibility on the road than single bulbs. Each bulb is either mounted on-top of or beside the other. The bulbs range in different sizes and are available in standard headlights, H1 units, or HIDs. To keep the spirit of "hot-rodding" alive on your motorcycle, use a streetfighter headlight bracket. These brackets allow you to mount any headlight you see fit onto your motorcycle. There is a large inventory of streetfighter headlights available on eBay. Build the streetfighter you have always wanted and install all the necessary parts to make your dream bike a reality.