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About Street Glide Exhaust

One of Harley-Davidson's vaunted touring motorcycles, the FLHX Street Glide debuted in 2006. Designed to carry the hot exhaust gases away from the engine after combustion, a Street Glide exhaust system often features a tube flowing from each cylinder. Not only does this configuration contribute to the motorcycle's distinctive look, it encourages efficient gas flow and improves the bike's performance. When the engine burns gasoline, the hot gases pass through the tubes into a catalytic converter. Here, a significant amount of the exhaust's carbon monoxide turns into harmless carbon dioxide. In a Street Glide exhaust, the gases pass through the muffler next, producing that iconic, reverberating Harley sound. Where a car has a single, utilitarian tube, Harleys have chromed exhaust tubes in a variety of styles. In addition to aftermarket systems, you can also find a wide variety of Street Glide stock exhaust systems on eBay. You may prefer to choose complete exhaust systems, including headers, under pipes, outer cover pieces, pipes, and hardware. You can also choose individual components in chrome or blackout finishes.

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