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About Street Fighter 2

For over 25 years, Capcom has made popular, genre defining games, and this is true for no category more than the fighting game. Street Fighter 2 was introduced to arcades everywhere in 1991, defying clich?s as the Street Fighter 2 arcade game was the first fighting game to feature six attack buttons. Also revolutionary was its large cast of characters, spanning all parts of the world. A year later, console makers heard the clamoring demand of buyers who wanted to recreate the experience at home, and, thus, Street Fighter 2 was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis. In fact, Street Fighter 2 had such a rabid fan base, special editions, such as Street Fighter 2 Turbo, were created with expanded functionality and new characters. Whether you are a Ken or Ryu fan, the sellers on eBay have the right product for you. Choose from a large selection offered, all with the comfort of convenient shipping options.