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About Strategy Guide

Do you remember the time before every home had the internet and a computer? These were dark times for gamers?we had to rely on a strategy guide to help us complete the difficult parts of games. Vintage video game guides gave us helpful hints on how to beat a tough spot in a game, find secret entrances to dungeons, and other neat tricks. Now with the internet, gamers can just Google the secrets and tips. There are still people who turn to strategy guides, and some new gamers swear by them?especially for large games with a lot to discover like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption. The worlds these two games comprise are so expansive, it is almost necessary to have the guides if you ever dream of completing the game. For the older games in your collection, you should check out eBay for some older strategy guides. With a strategy guide, you can brag to your friends that you have completed the game entirely. That, in the gamer world, is admirable.