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About Strada

Dubbed “Il Pirata” for the bandana and earrings he wore to races, Marco Pantani won the Tour de France on board an unusual craft for a pirate: a Campagnolo racing bike. Strada has partnered with Campagnolo to sell bikes that have the authority of a sophisticated heritage, but the contemporary savvy to outpace the best. The Campagnolo bike was Pantini’s bike of choice, and the cycling company hosts a proud heritage of designing and engineering slim bikes that slice through a race track whatever the weather. Strada is notable for its modern design and chrome sheen. It’s agile and stylish too. Race with dexterity with the Campagnolo Strada; the carbon fiber build makes it both lean and sturdy. This luxury bike is streamlined to look as aerodynamic as it rides. Thankfully, the reliable sellers on eBay sell many new and gently used varieties, so you have your pick. Pair it with a Cateye Strada wireless, and you’ll be able to measure your champion biking speeds with little effort. The Tour is not the high seas, but with cyclists going up to 50 mph, they create enough wind to hoist the sails. Sail through your next triumph with a bike that makes your cycling adventure feel so breezy, it’ll seem like pillaging.